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Yi He Fa Enterprises prides itself in providing reliable and quality steel products. We offer a full range of round bars, hollow bars and steel pipes that fit your stringent specifications and needs.

ST355 Steel Hollow Bar, our flagship product, offers the most economical, cost-effective machining stock for the manufacture of a great variety of hollow components and structural parts.

  • Proven cost savings
  • Economic substitute for hot finished tube specifications
  • Over 200 different combinations of outside diameter and wall thickness
  • Excellent machining, welding and mechanical properties
Perfect for applications in:
  • Locomotive and mechanical Engineering
  • Marine and offshore
  • Construction and mining

S355 Steel – The 3-in-1 Steel
Available in: Round Solid and Hollow Bar

  • Chemical Composition that is very suitable for welding applications
  • Mechanical properties that is of high yield and strength. Excellent for mechanical and structural applications
  • Physical micro-structure characteristic that works well for machining and surface hardening application